Monday, January 23, 2017

Flashback 8.25.16

  i stopped reading and started cutting.
                       gave up words for lines
                    traded paper for blood.
  turned away from the light
                gave into the demons.
                         crashed into reality
  fighting for the fantasy.
                           imagined the puzzle
   and lost all the pieces.

The Diaries of Grey: Grafitti

"Me saying what I wanted to, would be like me spraying black paint on that wall. Pointless. It wouldn't make a difference. I have to add a little color first, and then add the black in for details."

*He liked that. He seemed almost surprised, and happy about that. I think he knows the gist of what I wanted to say, but he wanted me to say it out loud. I refused.

Because I have to add in the color first. And with using a metaphor, which he is so fond of doing, I added my first mist of color. Barely noticeable, hardly anything worth mentioning, but something.

One day, that wall of his will be a masterpiece. The wall must come down eventually, but for now, I'll just grafitti it.*

~That's why I love you.