Monday, January 23, 2017

The Diaries of Grey: Grafitti

"Me saying what I wanted to, would be like me spraying black paint on that wall. Pointless. It wouldn't make a difference. I have to add a little color first, and then add the black in for details."

*He liked that. He seemed almost surprised, and happy about that. I think he knows the gist of what I wanted to say, but he wanted me to say it out loud. I refused.

Because I have to add in the color first. And with using a metaphor, which he is so fond of doing, I added my first mist of color. Barely noticeable, hardly anything worth mentioning, but something.

One day, that wall of his will be a masterpiece. The wall must come down eventually, but for now, I'll just grafitti it.*

~That's why I love you.

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